SMART Snake Bandage


The most innovative and versatile snake bite first aid solution in Australia.

The revolutionary SMART Snake Bandage uses a clever pictogram to demonstrate how to achieve correct tension when applying a pressure immobilisation bandage – a critical factor in snake bite first aid.

This leading pressure bandage helps you keep calm and focused during an emergency, with the rectangle pictogram becoming a square to let you know when optimal tension has been achieved.

Leading first aid design

Designed in Australia by leading first aid experts and developed in conjunction with snake safety experts, SSSafe, the revolutionary SMART Snake Bandage is your key tool to effectively manage potentially deadly snake and Funnel-web spider bites.

Quality first aid product

Constructed from a blend of woven cotton fabric with non-fraying edges, the SMART Snake Bandage is extremely durable and can be washed after use. It measures in at 2m by 10cm and weighs approximately 50grams.

Personalise your snake bite first aid

The SMART Snake Bandage also doubles as a compression bandage in your first aid kit for major wounds, sprains and strains. It’s recommended to always carry at least two SMART Snake Bandages with you, so these can be applied above and below the bite or wound in the case of a snake or funnel-web spider bite emergency.

Be prepared for any emergency

Knowing how to react and apply correct first aid immediately can be the difference between life and death. In a stressful situation, you never want to have any doubt about how to respond to a life-threatening event.

With its easy-to-follow pictogram instructions, the SMART Snake Bandage has already helped to save countless lives.

Price: $19.95
$17.50 each when you buy 10 or more
SMART Snake Bandage
SMART Snake Bandage
SMART Snake Bandage
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